Zone Cork Yoga Block

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 A must have for yogis at all levels.

The cork yoga blocks are Australian designed and made from 100% sustainable compressed cork. These eco-friendly yoga blocks are firm, sturdy, durable and have a comfortable non-slip grip. Cork is naturally anti-bacterial and our octagonal designed yoga blocks allow you to find your perfect depth and alignment within a pose, giving you balance and stability for an enhanced yoga practice.

PLUS the eco-conscious packaging is kind to the Earth and plastic free. It is wrapped in bio-degradable recycled kraft paper to keep unnecessary packaging to an absolute minimum.

DIMENSIONS: 220H x 145W x 85mm | 720g


What is a cork yoga block?

Cork yoga blocks are useful props for beginners and experienced yogis to help overall progression and support physical limitations.


Why use a cork yoga block?

Ultimately, this eco-friendly yoga blocks are used to help you achieve correct alignment, assist with poses, and increase flexibility. Yoga blocks can help bring the floor to you, which helps with difficult to execute poses whilst also assisting with stability and balance. For the more experienced yogis, the cork yoga blocks can help deepen poses and reach higher levels of flexibility. 


How many blocks do I need?

You can start incorporating new yoga poses and stretches with just one yoga block, however having multiple yoga blocks can allow you to perform a wider range of poses to better your flexibility as well as assist with jump throughs and inversions.